How to recover gracefully from a social media gaffe

What happens when one of your employees makes a mistake and accidentally posts a personal tweet out on the organization’s Twitter feed? It happened to the American Red Cross when social media specialist Gloria Huang sent the following rogue tweet out on the organization’s Twitter feed:

Huang blamed the gaffe on her lack of facility with Hootsuite. The rogue post was only up for about an hour before it was taken down and luckily was not damaging to the organization. So how did the Red Cross handle the situation? Since it was a small boo boo, they put a band aid on it with this humorous response:

The subject of the original tweet, Dogfish Head, jumped on the opportunity to get some free publicity out of this by acknowledging the incident and asking fans to donate to the Red Cross. Full article can be found on Mashable.

Takeaway: A social media mistake need not be dibilitating. Respond appropriately (in this case, with humor), address the gaffe and apologize if necessary.

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