How can social media make a boring product exciting?

Let’s face it–unless you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or are a professional chef, blenders are pretty boring. Blendtec took a boring product and made it exciting with the use of social media. They produced a series of innovative and entertaining videos (Will It Blend?) to demonstrate the toughness of their blenders–blending everything from conventional food items like avocados to unconventional items like diamonds, an iPhone, golf club, glow sticks, Bic lighters and a bottle of Old Spice.

At $350+ a pop, this blender better be able to blend just about anything. Complete with catchy game show music, a fun and lovable host and the thrill of what are we going to destroy in a blender next?…it’s easy to see why some of these videos have been viewed more than half a million times, with the iPad video below having been viewed more than 11 million times thus far!

Blendtec also has more than 63,000 fans on Facebook and they respond to fan posts within hours, which equals great customer service. They use the same fun, humorous tone on Facebook that they use in their videos, thereby integrating the Blendtec brand identity and personality across all of their social media platforms.

So how often do you buy a blender? For the average person, maybe once or twice in a lifetime. If you ever find yourself in the market for a new blender after having seen one of these videos, are you more likely to remember the Blendtec brand? You bet.

Takeaway: Show, don’t tell. Use social media (YouTube) to show your customers what your products can do and to increase brand awareness. Think outside the box–make it inventive, fun and memorable.

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