Fine dining, social media and mobile devices

Have you ever given your email address to a restaurant and never heard from them again? Devon Seafood Grill in Chicago is notably ahead of the game in the restaurant business and has one of the best email marketing campaigns. No Groupon needed here, you get special deals just for being a loyal customer. They also integrate their traditional marketing efforts with social media by connecting with customers on Facebook and Twitter and by giving them an opportunity to share special offers and coupons with their friends on these social media channels (advertising their brand for them for free).

The other very smart thing that Devon has done is to combine their marketing efforts with smartphone technology. If you look at the email above you’ll see something that would make any tech-savvy person’s heart flutter: “Present this email or show on your mobile device.” What a concept! Actually making it easy for customers to do business with you. They save time and paper and get a discount, you save the environment and get business–everyone’s happy.

Takeaway: Give customers a reason (exclusive deals) to become a fan or give you their email address. Make it easier for your customers to do business with you by allowing them to redeem discounts and coupons using their mobile devices.

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