Should you keep your Facebook page focused on your products or customer feedback?

If you are a savvy company, you know how to use Facebook’s features to make sure that your company page stays focused on your products, not customer complaints or distracting fan posts. Well, isn’t Facebook supposed to engage your customers and solicit feedback and isn’t it counter-intuitive to hide posts from fans?

Most companies like J.Crew choose to use the above Facebook setting and keep the focus on their company posts instead of posts by fans or other parties that are not even fans but using the space to advertise their own products/services. It is understandable that companies would want to hide distracting posts that have nothing do to with their company, but if it is a valid issue, should customer feedback be front and center? For example, on the J.Crew Facebook page, there is a tab for “Discussions” where a few customer complaints and suggestions (like shipping and handling) are discussed.

There is nothing wrong with keeping complaints and suggestions neatly off the front page and tucked away under a less visible tab. As long as there is a place for fans to discuss issues and the company keeps it transparent, there is nothing lost. But what about good customer feedback like this:

Would you want to keep this off your front page? Isn’t a happy bride posting a picture of her bridesmaids the best advocate for your brand? It seems this sort of endorsement would be more valuable than anything J.Crew could post on their wall.

Dilemma: Should you keep your Facebook page focused on company posts and hide customer feedback or should you make everything visible, the good and the bad?

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2 Responses to Should you keep your Facebook page focused on your products or customer feedback?

  1. Chris says:

    They should allow for all sorts of interaction. While I could see them reserving the right to delete comments if they become abusive, they should allow customers the ability to both sing their praises and voice their complaints. If handled properly any company could show superior customer service and perhaps even win over more customers in the process by successfully addressing and interacting with their customers to resolve any issues. Facebook is being used as social media tool but all too often companies use it as just another extension of their website. I think in general the larger the corporation the less likely they will be to hand over “control” of their page to their customers.

  2. Mahsa Tousi says:

    Great feedback, thanks! Chris, you’re very right, Facebook pages do seem to be an extension of a company’s website. Instead of engaging their fans, many companies take a passive approach to Facebook, which like you said, is a missed opportunity for them to win customers over. And the more they block or hide customer feedback, the less authentic and genuine they seem–less like a “friend” and more like another company trying to sell to you.

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