How to be a smart cookie

How do you take a Facebook page about a cookie and turn it into something more? Simple–you tie in customer interaction with a good deed and give people an added incentive to visit your page and talk about your product. In October 2010, for every “Milano Moment” shared on their page, Pepperidge Farm donated 50 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Things they did right:
1. Made their Facebook page fun and interactive
2. Tied in user interaction with a good deed
3. Made the page useful (allowing users to print out a coupon)
4. Gave customers a way to advertise for them (sending virtual Milano cookies to friends)

However, there are many missed opportunities here for Pepperidge Farm to interact with their fans. There is fan-to-fan interaction and fans contributing content to the page, but hardly any interaction between Pepperidge Farm and the fans. Once in a while, they post a question and people answer but there is no response back from the company…what’s the point in asking a question if you’re not going to acknowledge the feedback? Is anyone on the other end listening? Imagine having a phone conversation where the person on the other end of the line doesn’t speak.

Another issue that needs improvement is the slow response time to customer complaints. They should be providing customer service above and beyond what is expected, especially on Facebook when it is visible to others. If a fan has a complaint and it takes 4 days for someone to respond (seen below), it tells you one of two things–the company doesn’t care or doesn’t have the staff to handle their social media communications. Whatever the reason, it is a missed opportunity to turn fans into advocates.

Takeaway: Add an extra incentive (like donating to a good cause) to encourage customers to become fans and contribute content to your Facebook page.

Needs Improvement: Response time to questions and complaints needs to be faster (within hours). Interaction needs to be two-sided. If you ask a question and get answers, acknowledge the feedback.

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