Don’t make this social media faux pas

Retailer Club Monaco may not have made a fashion faux pas, but they certainly made a huge marketing one when they excluded (as of this post date) a major social media channel from their homepage. They encourage you to subscribe to their email list, read their blog and follow them on Twitter, but there is no mention of their Facebook page.

Unless you have a good reason–for example, if a certain channel doesn’t fit with your business or you don’t have the staff to create a page, add content and respond to comments–you should not exclude any social media channels in your marketing efforts. Each channel attracts a segment of your customers. Some people are not into Twitter, YouTube or blogs, but they like Facebook. And they might “like” you on Facebook if you advertise your presence.

Club Monaco does have a Facebook page with relevant, engaging content that is updated regularly–but why they chose to exclude a link to the page on their website is baffling. This is a missed opportunity for them to cater to their audience on the social media channel of their choice. Why make customers do the extra work to look you up when you can direct them there. Surprisingly, even with no mention of it on their website, they still have more fans on Facebook (7,816 as of post date) than followers on Twitter (only 3,952). Goes to show that some audiences prefer Facebook.

Takeaway: Don’t exclude any social media channels unless you have a good reason. Meet your fans on the channel of their choice, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Needs Improvement: Your Facebook page needs to be advertised on your company website. Don’t make it difficult for fans to find and support your brand.

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