You don’t have to be a fast talker to get your message across

JetBlue recently launched their new “Mr. Nonstop” ad campaign to highlight that they now offer 100 daily nonstop flights from Boston’s Logan International Airport. Their message is simple–to own the idea of nonstop. And who better to get the word out than world-famous, fast-talking 80’s TV pitchman John Moschitta, Jr. (famous for his FedEx commercials). In these simple yet witty spots, Mr. Nonstop, a fast-talking, no-nonsense, on-the-go businessman, praises the virtues of his favorite nonstop airline.

The new ads target business travelers, which account for as much as 70 percent of a carrier’s revenues. Business travelers are more willing to pay higher ticket prices for convenience versus a leisure traveler who is more likely to seek the lowest cost. JetBlue hopes to reach 95 percent of the regional Boston market, solidify its position at Logan and fend off competition from other discount carriers. The ad campaign definitely succeeds in appealing to a mass audience and getting its message across.

JetBlue’s previous campaign focused on advertising the airline’s competitive advantages like “your first bag flies for free.” It featured outraged passenger responses to a cab driver who tries to charge a baggage fee, leading up to the slogan “If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.”

Takeaway: Know your target audience and make your message clear. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by focusing on the benefits of doing business with you.

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2 Responses to You don’t have to be a fast talker to get your message across

  1. aaron says:

    I like the to-the-point message it’s driving: “Fly with Us. Fast, Convenient and Hassle-Free.” As we’re seeing across social media branding, focusing your streamlined message to a defined user base is gold.

    Love your blog – keep posting!

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