How can social media help you if you are selling a service, not a product?

It can be easy to figure out how to promote your company’s product on social media platforms, but what if you are not selling a tangible product but rather a service? Here are five good reasons for service-based businesses to be active on social media channels:

1. To create brand awareness.
If your company is fairly new and not everyone is familiar with your brand and what you offer, social media can be a great way to inform your audience about services that you provide. Angie’s List is one example:

2. As an online reputation management tool (building customer confidence).
When disaster strikes and you happen to be an insurance company like Travelers, you want to use your social media space to be proactive in anticipating customer needs and providing useful information. It shows that your company is on top of things and that customers can rest assured that you will provide services that they need.

3. To learn about new technologies and competitors.
In the example above, you have one insurance company’s take on dealing with a disaster, here’s what their competition, State Farm, is doing–clearly, one is handling it better than the other.

4. For recruiting.
If you specialize in providing a service, you need both service providers and customers, so social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to recruit service providers to work with you or work for you.

5. As a lead generation tool to intercept potential prospects.
Anytime someone “likes” your page on Facebook, your company and brand are in turn advertised to their friends and family and what better way to get referral business than to be recommended by one of your current customers.

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