Social media for social good

Social media isn’t just for selling goods or services, it can make an impact and send a powerful and serious message to its target audience. For instance, say that you’re in the public sector–what could you possibly do with social media? Quite a lot as it turns out. The London Metropolitan Police has created an innovative way to combat teenage crime using social media. In their “Choose A Different Ending” interactive videos on YouTube, teens can choose to make several different choices in a storyline and experience the consequences of their actions. It’s pretty powerful stuff that gets your heart and mind racing. The campaign succeeds in capturing the attention of the teen target audience because it’s an interactive game, it puts the player in control and best of all–unlike in real life–it has a reset button.

Similarly, organizations like UNICEF are using social media to catch the attention of a jaded audience. Not only is this UNICEF video a great example of guerrilla marketing, but it contains shock value (dirty water dispensed from a vending machine) and an emotional appeal (won’t you help a child get clean water for 40 days for just $1). It goes to show that social media can be used to impact social good and not just the bottom line.

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