How to empower employees to interact directly with customers via social media

While traditional marketing and advertising lets you maintain control over your message, social media lets you bypass gatekeepers and interact directly with customers to collect immediate feedback and facilitate real-time interactions. This ability to bypass the “middle man” allows communicators to be more efficient, responsive and helpful.

Some companies are testing this theory by putting their employees on the front lines. They are creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for their employees and training and empowering them to post content, interact directly with customers and build networks online.

Case Study: Trunk Club

The business model for Trunk Club (Men’s Outfitters) is ingenious. It’s based on the notion that most men would rather have a root canal than to go shopping for clothes (or they’re busy professionals who don’t have time to shop). Trunk Club associates step in to save the day by personally hand selecting a “trunk” of clothes for you based on your preferences. The process is described in three easy steps:

Step 1.
Talk with a Trunk Club expert via phone or email, or build your profile online.
Step 2.
Receive your personalized trunk via FedEx along with a pre-paid return label.
Step 3.
Try on your clothes. Keep what you like, send the rest back at no cost to you.

On Trunk Club’s Facebook page, their sales associates interact directly with customers–it’s a fun and friendly way to promote their services and products and also to showcase feedback from happy customers.

In addition to providing a direct communication link to your target audience, this type of employee-customer interaction via Facebook can lead to more website traffic, additional sales and increased brand recognition and loyalty.

For more information on how Trunk Club works, see the following video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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