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How to inspire brand loyalty in a crowded marketplace

When it comes to earning and maintaining brand loyalty, there’s no one right strategy–grocery stores have loyalty cards, airlines have frequent flyer miles, some online retailers offer free shipping, while others award exclusive member discounts. But marketers need to understand … Continue reading

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Why do companies provide customer service on Twitter, but not on Facebook?

Regardless of industry, there seems to be a disparity in how companies respond to customer complaints online. Some do a great job of addressing customer issues on Twitter, but some of these same companies seem unwilling to respond to complaints … Continue reading

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How can social media help you if you are selling a service, not a product?

It can be easy to figure out how to promote your company’s product on social media platforms, but what if you are not selling a tangible product but rather a service? Here are five good reasons for service-based businesses to … Continue reading

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