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People care about causes more than brands

People rarely wonder about what they can do to promote or support a brand or product, but they do dream of ways to help their favorite cause. Whether it’s ending poverty, saving the environment or supporting a local charity, many … Continue reading

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Using social media effectively in the real estate industry

The key to using social media effectively in the real estate industry is not to simply create a presence online, but to participate. According to, 84% of real estate professionals are now using social media. The main benefit of … Continue reading

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Show, don’t tell–the “next” concept in social media

The newly opened Next Restaurant in Chicago, co-created by Grant Achatz & Nick Kokonas, is not just about the food (though it very much is), it’s also about the experience. According to their website, here’s how they describe the concept: … Continue reading

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Social media for social good

Social media isn’t just for selling goods or services, it can make an impact and send a powerful and serious message to its target audience. For instance, say that you’re in the public sector–what could you possibly do with social … Continue reading

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How a viral video can take your product from obscurity to $1 million in sales

Robert Wagstaff thought he had a best seller on his hands when he invented a tongue brush to cure bad breath, but years later, after dozens of pitches to dentists and retailers and a $40,000 TV infomercial, he realized he … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be a fast talker to get your message across

JetBlue recently launched their new “Mr. Nonstop” ad campaign to highlight that they now offer 100 daily nonstop flights from Boston’s Logan International Airport. Their message is simple–to own the idea of nonstop. And who better to get the word … Continue reading

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How do you re-energize an old brand?

What do you do when your brand is already well known, your company has been around for more than 70 years and you don’t need to convince consumers that your products work? You simply create a little buzz by doing … Continue reading

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