Marketing Strategy and Content Creation:

Conceptualized, wrote and managed the design and production of digital and printed POV brochures and collateral.

Fully Engaged – Workplace Research Report
ThinkTank – The Intersection of Retail + Health

Making Health + Wellness a Priority
Wellness By Design
Student Well-being


Enrollment Kit
Case Studies

Website content
Property Flyer

Public Relations (PR):

Press Kit
Press Release

Social Media:

Social Media Plan
Sample Facebook Posts

Guerrilla Marketing:

Played an integral role in the “Save Illinois MAP Grants” campaign, a grassroots effort to restore $205 million in state funding for the Monetary Award Program (MAP), a need-based grant for college students.The campaign generated support from students, educators, and lawmakers and was successful in achieving its goal—Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation to restore $205 million in funding for MAP in 2009. My role included writing all copy for the campaign website and promoting campaign awareness on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Created an online petition to gather more than 10,000 signatures to support the campaign:


Edited manuscripts for the American Medical Association.


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